Alan’s drama ministry has quality and spiritual integrity that comes from Alan’s own personal spiritual commitment and character. There is always spiritual fruit when he uses his gifts.- Mel Lawrenz
Elmbrook Church, Milwaukee

“Traveling Light”
The Gospel of Mark in contemporary life
Written by Larry Enscoe

Idol SalesmanThis presentation can be any length – up to an hour and ten minutes maximum.

Mark’s gospel springs into our world as the characters from his story take on modern form and tell of Jesus’ miracles, teaching and victory over sin and death.

Peter appears as a longshoreman from Brooklyn – Levi is a high-strung tax man with the IRS – Thomas is a high school student and Herod becomes a Mafioso. Each character tells of their encounters with Jesus in a way that is by turns hilarious and deeply moving.

Twenty-one characters in all reproduce Mark’s narrative in our language, bringing the person of Jesus into startling focus for the audience, enabling them to experience the ministry, passion and resurrection of Christ in a fresh and exciting way.

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“The Heart of God”
The story of the Bible – God’s relationship with people
Written by Alan Atwood

Idol SalesmanCan be presented in 30-minute, 45-minute or 60-minute lengths

The Heart of God is revealed as He creates people, falls in love with them, loses them and then must come to earth Himself to pay the penalty for their sins. A dramatic “walk through the bible”, the play draws the audience into a deep experience of God’s great desire to be known by the people He’s created.

This play was designed to communicate the basic truth of God’s Word to someone who has never read it, but also speaks eloquently to believers about God’s love and long-suffering.

Modelled after “Traveling Light”, 12 modern characters appear to play out the great events of the scripture in a modern and often humorous way.

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What if Christmas had happened today?
Written by Larry Enscoe
30 minutes

Unwrap the humor, joy and wonder of the first Christmas as Gabriel, Joseph and the Innkeeper share their experiences of Christ’s birth as if it had happened today. The biblical stories are then illuminated by a tale from the modern world in which a nine year old boy re-discovers the heart of Christmas.

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“God’s Trombones”
The beauty, faith and passion of old time sermons and spirituals
By James Weldon Johnson
45 minutes

Join in a raise-the-roof celebration as a rousing “old time” preacher unfolds some of the most vivid stories of the Bible. The writings of James Weldon Johnson recreate the passionate faith and simple beauty of believers from days gone by. Glorious old spirituals are interspersed between the stories.

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“The First Epistle of John”
Hear the words John wrote to his churches from the lips of the apostle himself!
The complete epistle as it’s written in the New International Version of the Bible
25 minutes

The aged apostle pays a visit to deliver the inspired words from his first epistle. Speaking the words of the Book of I John with compassion and strength, John urges his “dear children” to “love one another”. John is portrayed as a 90-year-old patriarch using realistic make-up and authentic first century costuming.

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The “greatest hits” of one of the greatest prophets of all time!
Classic passages from Isaiah as recorded in the New International Version of the Bible
20 minutes

The prophet Isaiah appears to speak the “words of the Lord” just as they are recorded in scripture. He preaches passionately of the coming Messiah and God’s love and justice in ways that still ring with meaning for our present time.

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