Violence is Never the Solution

Watching the news these days leads one to realize how mad the world truly has gone. It seems that the up and coming generations seem to think that violence is the solution to everything. Of course, cases of violence were present in the past and perhaps they just weren’t as documented as they are now.

More and more often cases of domestic violence are being recorded and reported. Perhaps our youth need to learn to cope with the stresses of life a little more or maybe it is the stresses of life that have exceeded the boundaries of what they once were.

Court ordered domestic violence classes are becoming a regular part of sentencing in any domestic violence cases, perhaps, in a bid to teach tolerance and master skills of conflict handling.

When one things domestic abuse or violence, you instantly think of women abused by men or children being violated by parents, however, that is most certainly not the case. Many cases of woman on man abuse and children abusing parents are being regularly reported and these classes are aimed at every aspect thereof.

In many cases, alcohol and drugs are to blame and that needs to be handled as part of the healing and changing process. No longer can these perpetrators claim they are victims of circumstance. These classes aim to teach that circumstances can be overcome.

Who knows, perhaps we as parents are to blame. Subjecting and allowing our kids to watch violence on television? Perhaps it is the modern day musicians who often chant lyrics of violence?

Whatever the excuses or reasoning, they are not good enough. Violence will never solve any situation and most certainly not make any situation better. The sooner one learns to stop shifting the blame and take accountability, the better a society we will all endure.